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New Kind of Entrepreneur School: Profits Through Creativity

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I have this idea to start a different type of school for Chinese people looking to start a business in a strange country. I have successfully started over 100 businesses in the past 42 years and even written a book about all my business and everything you can know about starting and keeping a business in high profits. From manufacturing, retail, restaurants, hotels, automobile dealerships, to importing and exporting, I have developed a strong path to profits through creativity, uncovering business advantages that most overlook.

I have been to China hundreds of times and have owned factories there for over 26 years. China is one of my favorite places in the world, and I’ve learned much about China and its people. I walk about 30 miles a day while I’m there, visiting its cities and towns and factories. Of all the places I’ve visited in China, the small villages are by far the most interesting.

I have learned so much from the Chinese and am always educating many people in America about the Chinese people. I have helped many Chinese businesspeople start their new business or consulted on their ongoing business. When I set up my first factory in Tianjin China, I received great help from local businesspeople. Without their assistance, it would have taken many more months to set up a new factory in a strange country. I empathize with the Chinese coming to America to start their businesses as they too are making the bold choice to build something new in a strange country. Most just do the best they can to get by and make a small profit. With careful strategy and choosing the right business at the right time, you have a good chance of a successful business. I have the expertise to show most anyone how start a great business with much bigger profits, and less competition.

My idea for a school is to take 15 to 20 entrepreneurs and pick a great business to start from scratch. We will teach our students every detail about taking an idea and turning it into a profitable business, from new corporations, location, leases, employees, buildout, marketing, advertising, legal, taxes, payable, receivables, and much more. The skills we will cover are not taught in business schools anywhere in the world.

Over 98% of teachers teaching business classes have never been in a business. In most of the world’s biggest companies, the leadership does not take a business degree seriously. Most business students could not successfully open a sandwich shop. They do not teach starting a small business in business college and what good is a business degree if you cannot open business.

We all know kids that went to school to learn business or a career and after four years at a top college, and with 300,000.00 or more in expenses, they come home and are lost about what to do next. Many can’t get a job with the business degree they went to college for and end up in a job they are not happy with. All that time and money spent for little return. With my idea of teaching business, students learn through of on-the-job training that will always be useful and never be forgotten. When you are part of a business from start to finish and are involved every day, you retain just about 95% of what you have learned through the business. When you are in business college, and are only studying the books, you retain about 35% of what you are taught without doing what you are reading.

With my proposed business class, students will also have a percentage in the business along with their other classmates. It could have the possibility to grow into a multi-million-dollar business. As your parents worked hard to provide for their family and future, they did not forget anything they learned from owning their own businesses. They have the wisdom and not the kids graduating from a top business school. You must earn respect, and time gives you wisdom. You cannot buy either one.

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