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Putting Smart Ideas into Print

In his role as a publisher, Tory has been responsible for the production, printing, and distribution of both books and magazines. Through his publishing company, Tory has sold his works in both the American and Chinese markets.

The Art and Soul of Common Sense in Business

A best seller in English and Mandarin, the first work Tory published was his self-authored business book, The Art and Soul of Common Sense in Business. Drawing on examples from his own career, Tory’s book covers everything his readers needs to know to grow a business. Divided into topical chapters, the book takes readers step by step through Tory’s approach for turning an idea into a multinational business success.

Jewel Luxury Lifestyles Magazine

Jewel Luxury Lifestyles is the first American luxury magazine catering to an affluent Chinese audience. Tory developed Jewel as a solution to one of the biggest problems facing the luxury industry, a lack of spaces where luxury brands can connect with Chinese customers. Despite their importance to the global market, foreign businesses have had few avenues for advertising to the Chinese. Tory’s vision for Jewel is of a resource for brands to engage with the Chinese and for the readership to discover new ways to enjoy their wealth.


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