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A Mind for Innovation and an Eye for Design

Tory got his start as an inventor, and it’s been his lifelong passion is to nurture outside-the-box concepts into business successes. Habitori Prefabs Pioneering a new type of prefabricated building, Habitori prefabs repurposes shipping containers to create durable and affordable commercial units. Habitori’s prefabricated buildings benefit from the shipping containers’ durability while also allowing for fast and easy construction. They also provide a distinct and modern aesthetic unlike anything seen before. The first complex to use this design, a multistory shopping center will be built in Costa Mesa California, with more soon to follow.

Samaurai EmpireComprised of two different brands, Tokyo Burrito and All Steamed Up, Tory’s Samaurai Empire restaurant company features two adjacent but separate customer facing storefronts that are connected through their shared kitchen. Under Tory’s model, the restaurateur can provide customers with two distinct culinary experiences while splitting kitchen resources and staff. The business owner saves on rent while needing 65 % less kitchen equipment and 40% less employees for double the profits of running a single restaurant!

Custom WaterWallz

by Tory Zweigle.

Donzee Electric BicycleTory has been watching the electric bicycle industry and saw new opportunities for vehicles that are not covered by the current e-bike designs. Donzee is entering the US market with two special-purpose electric vehicles, the cargo three-wheel, and a new golf cart designed to get rid of golf carts on golf courses. Cargo Bikes are a regular fixture worldwide to deliver freight and passengers.

While most electric bicycles are manufactured in other countries, the global shortage of parts during the pandemic has made building electric bicycles in the USA possible. The designs are basic and cost the same to build in the USA today as they would in other countries.Tory has plans for 16 additional models, with redesigned suspension and frame, theft tracking, built-in locking devices controlled by cell phones, solar, and many more engineering innovations. There is plenty of room for more high-end electric bicycles, all made in the USA.

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