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The Guiding Hand Behind Over 100 Businesses

Over the past four decades, Tory has been involved in over 100 businesses. Since he was in his early teens, Tory has led his own companies in such diverse industries as luxury retail, restaurants, property, publishing, and more. He’s sold products in over 144 countries worldwide and knows the import/export business like the back of his hand.

With all the experience of founding many businesses under his belt, it is easy for him to connect the dots, and study his next business idea to get started. Whenever he gets a new business idea, he immediately starts planning the steps he will take from start to finish. Being very straightforward and precise in his steps, Tory has been able to set up a new business in half the time as most businesses owners, even in industries that he hasn’t worked in before. Bringing creative innovation and solid business sense backed by years of experience, Tory’s provides dependable leadership to every venture he is a part of.

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Custom Water Fall by Tory Zweigle
Glove Factory by Tory Zweigle

AmeriGlove – Protecting Humanity One Glove at a Time

During the pandemic, Tory saw how global shortages of PPE equipment caused great harm to America’s COVID-19 response. The U.S. relies on PPE equipment to protect our essential workers, especially nitrile gloves, yet these crucial supplies are sourced almost entirely from foreign manufacturers.

Private businesses and the government must go through foreign brokers to purchase the gloves, with scams and deceptions wasting millions of dollars and compromising public safety. Tory founded AmeriGlove, a Nitrile Glove manufacturer based entirely in the U.S, to solve the problems with unreliable foreign supply and ensure his fellow Americans can get high-quality nitrile gloves.

AmeriGlove’s massive facilities will cover over 150 acres with 2 million square feet of factory space. Its 100-production twin-line configurations will produce 48,000 gloves per hour, nearly four times of global standard. All the machines, MBR, and formers will be built and operated in the USA, creating American jobs and $3.8 billion in revenue every year.

578 Washington Blvd.
Marina Del Rey CA 90292

(949) 922 – 8852