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Tory Zweigle with Jack Ma

Nurturing Success from Concept to Profit

Whether you’re starting a fresh business or making a big deal in a new place, Tory can help you get on the right path towards success. Get personalized business strategy and solutions from an established entrepreneur with over a hundred successful ventures and the author of The Art and Soul of Common Sense in Business.

Tory’s been involved in over a hundred businesses from the idea pitch to profitability. You’ll receive real world, practical advice from someone who has experienced it all. No matter what industry you’re working in, Tory can provide you with the advice you need to make the optimal choices for your business.

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An In-Depth Knowledge of Chinese Business

With decades of experience and 22 factories in the Chinese mainland, there are few westerners with a better understanding of Chinese practices and needs. Tory offers consulting, funding, and partnerships to Chinese businesses looking to get started in America. The services that Tory offers are designed to help his clients get past the obstacles that come with doing business in a new culture for the first time. When you try to start a business in a new country, the hardest part is learning their ways all by yourself, so having a local partner to help with that is invaluable.

With Tory’s assistance, you can skip past the mistakes and start doing business faster. Tory’s experiences in China and the variety of industries he’s been involved in give him a unique perspective on how Chinese can succeed in the USA. He understands what both Chinese and Americans need and how to cross the divide to make a deal.

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