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Business Talent that Knows No Borders

Inventor. Author. Global Entrepreneur. Tory Zweigle has made a career of turning great ideas into massive profits. Creating his first company at age 11 and his first product at 14, Tory’s founded over 100 more businesses in the past 44 years. He owns restaurants, hair salons, art galleries, car dealerships, and 23 factories making his products. An inventor at heart, Tory’s lifelong passion is to nurture outside-the-box concepts into international business successes.

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A Special Relationship with China

While Tory has made deals all over the world, there is something special about China that keeps drawing him back. Over the years, Tory’s had the opportunity to explore China deeply and see a side of it that most Westerners never have. Tory’s love of China goes back over 20 years ago when he opened his first factory there. He was immediately impressed by the capability of his Chinese colleagues.

“When you try to start a business in a new country, the hardest part is learning their ways all by yourself, so having a local partner to help with that is invaluable. You can skip past the mistakes and start doing business faster.”

Without the help of Chinese businessmen at his first factory, Tory most likely would not have succeeded. Today, he offers similar assistance to Chinese doing business in the USA.

Tory Zweigle with Friends in China

” When you try to start a business in a new country, the hardest part is learning their ways all by yourself, so having a local partner to help with that is invaluable. You can skip past the mistakes and start doing business faster. “

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Helping Others Find Success

n addition to his consulting work, Tory also has a mentorship program for Chinese students. As an alternative to business school, 20-25 high achieving students would get the chance to learn all about running their own business from start to profit. Tory’s program will provide students with hands on learning about everything from budgeting to hiring employees.

“Learning business should be like riding a bike. You pick up skills by doing and get better every day” Tory says. “95% of professors in college business departments have no experience running a company.” With his experience running over 100 businesses, there are few teachers that could hope to compete with Tory’s expertise.

While Tory’s class will only be accepting a lucky few, any aspiring entrepreneur could benefit from reading his business book, The Art and Soul of Common Sense in Business. Written in Tory’s characteristic no-nonsense style and informed by years of lived experience, the book offers a wellspring of practical information for taking your business down the road to profitability. Available in English and Mandarin, it’s mandatory reading for anyone looking to take their idea from a vision to a profitable business.

Tory Zweigle's Jwel Luxury Lifestyle Magaxine

JEWEL Magazine: Introducing Western Luxury to the Chinese

Tory’s latest venture is as the guiding hand and vision behind an all-new magazine. As the Publisher of Jewel Luxury Lifestyles, Tory wants to share with Chinese readers a topic that’s near to his heart, Global Luxury.

Jewel was born when Tory recognized a big problem facing his friends in the luxury industry. While the Chinese spend over 1.2 trillion on the top brands, there are no dedicated luxury publications catering to them. A luxury magazine, written exclusively for Chinese, is the perfect vehicle to share the best of global luxury with an interested, valuable, and traditionally overlooked audience.

Jewel Luxury Lifestyles is launching in California, with 25 other American cities soon to follow. Within the next 2 years, there are plans to expand into Canada, China, Europe and the rest of the world.

With so many exciting projects going on, it’s a wonder that one man can find the time for it all. Tory regularly puts in 16-hour workdays, 7 days a week. Despite only sleeping 3 hours a day, he’s never tired and always bursting with creative energy. “My work is my life. I eat, breathe, and sleep business.” Tory says. “Well maybe not so much sleep. Money never sleeps!”