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Profits Through Creativity.

As an inventor, an author, and a global businessman, Tory Zweigle has mastered the art of turning brilliant ideas into successful businesses. Tory has a talent for finding ideas that are overlooked and creatively executing them for maximum profits.

Tory Zweigle in a China street

The most curious Westerner in China. Talent for business who knows no borders.

Inventor. Author.

Global Entrepreneur.

Tory Zweigle has made a career of turning great ideas into massive profits.

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Tory Zweigle Water Wall Collection
Tory Zweigle's Restaurant
Tory Zweigle US and China Flags

Ever since he developed his first product at age 14, a motor mount that could take torque, Tory has been obsessed with taking his original concepts to market. He immerses himself in every part of the process from design, to manufacturing, to selling. With over 100 businesses to his name, Tory’s found success in nearly every industry, including restaurants, real estate, retail, automobiles, art and publishing.

Tory complements his comprehensive knowledge of business with a unique understanding of the Chinese, learned from decades of successful partnerships. He owns 22 factories in the mainland and has helped developed dozens of Chinese and China -centric businesses as a liaison between East and West. Tory’s brings deep experience and a creative approach to every venture he’s a part of.

Ameriglove Building by Tory Zweigle

Founder of over 100 successful businesses, Tory is building the

world’s largest nitrile glove manufacturer right here in the USA.

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Tory offers business coaching and consulting to both USA and Chinese students. Consulting is available in both English and Chinese (via online conferencing with translation)

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